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Welcome to the Nothard / Northard  Family Genealogy web site. The aim of this site is to make available free genealogy records on-line for those interested in the Nothard / Northard families. Over the past few years the data has been collected from Internet sites, Libraries, Family History Societies and other Nothard / Northard family members. With the release of the 1901 England and Wales census more up to date material will be added to the databases, hopefully on a more regular basis.
On the left hand side of this page there are links to the database pages for each of the countries listed. From there you can choose links to other pages that contain information relating to Births, Marriages, Deaths, Census' and Monumental Inscriptions etc.
If you have any information about any Nothard/Northard ancestry that you think that may help to others, why not get in touch with me through the visitors page so that we can get it included on this site. Have you been told any stories about the past by your ancestors that we could share with others, if so, pass them on and we will compile a page specially for them. Any old photographs of yourself or ancestors would be appreciated, the next project is to compile a large photo album here on this site.
If  anybody does come across any records relating to Nothard/Northard/Nothardt ancestry I would appreciate if they would contact me. I am always on the search for any information that will help me to compile my records.
I would also be grateful for any information about any Nothard/Northard's that are still living.

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